About her食

食 shí, n. food , verb. eat (in traditional Chinese)

This website is setup to remember the fading scene of food blog (en voie d’extinction now)

With the rising of social networks, we are highly engaged with the tech platform, a more eye-catching way to promote foodies photos, a point of view delivered in short-cut manner, to a larger audience, and to gain immense enjoyment. There’s nonetheless an only way to create dedicated  personal content – articles (without character limits) and be the master of your own design: blog your own content.

Enjoy the photos of my site with different type of content in my rojak style languages: (Rojak, noun. A Malaysian mixed fruits & veges salad, oftenly used to describe messy situation)


Paris has been my niche for the past 10 years, not too long ago I started travelling around the globe and staying in some cities a while for business purposes. I don’t just stop by, I work in sustainability and I eat everything. The goal is to wrap up all the local delights – although I am biased to define local –  it must be first liked by my Malay taste buds.

For the upcoming months I am setting up a Paris food map (and will sell it to Fiverrs), and soon I will be catching up on my HK food map (200 addresses), and depending on where my work and life will lead me, I will possibly expand my crawls to other city maps as well!

To enrich the diary of my global foodprint, (it was only a scroll down boring blog until 2017), if you are interested to take part and share your food stories in one of the cities on my menu, feel free to Contact  me. Comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Languages used: mandarin, english, french, occasionally Malay and Japanese.

Geography mainly covered: Paris, Hong Kong, Johor Bahru, Singapore, Japan, Mauritius, Bangkok, Iceland, Shanghai, Lyon, etc.

 Bold font – where i stay or yearly visit (almost).  Italic font – travel

The 食 源于 blogspot  06/07/2010 有了第一章

29/ 02/ 2012  正式搬家 wordpress : chococook.org

现在很少人可以坚持去更新博客  手机都好容易分享和抓眼球

喜欢看别人网站的文章和照片  每个人有自己整理文章的方法  也有自己整理网站的态度  以前每天follow的blog现在定时打开都至少3、4年没有更新了


虽然我写得很差  可是也要记录

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