很久以前和某人一起在傍晚喝过下午茶,某些不三不四的时间难分难舍的时候,只好来到 B.I.A, Breakfast in America 续摊。


BIA 一直让我最放心的地方就是一点都不法国。全天早餐和蛋蛋伺候。

久违的 hot wings


Harry – Salley

Breakfast in America (site)
17, rue des Ecoles
75004 paris

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Blogging food posts based in Paris, grew up in Johor Bahru until 18, blending my three passion Food, Photography, Writing into one. Working in CSR field.

4 thoughts on “BIA

  1. 可我不喜欢他们家的蛋卷哎 太老了 芝士也不爆浆 相反super chili nachos超级好吃,好多好多chili,牛油果酱,新鲜奶酪 好吃死啦~~

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