Galette Ispahan – Pierre Hermé

 galette du rois, de 我的爱人 Pierre Hermé !!

一共有三种口味,我当然是选了 ispahan galette du rois!!!



galette 总算没有对不起买它的主人!!

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Blogging food posts based in Paris, grew up in Johor Bahru until 18, blending my three passion Food, Photography, Writing into one. Working in CSR field.

5 thoughts on “Galette Ispahan – Pierre Hermé

  1. That looks delicious!I found your blog a few months ago, when I moved to Paris and was looking for good Chinese restaurants. Went to Autour du Yangtse because of your review and enjoyed it :)Thanks for the great blog — I wish I could read Chinese!

  2. Hello Ari ! Thanks for the compliment!! I enjoy creating other's cravings! My another favorite is Noodles Atelier 随意访, i really recommend people to here. the best chinese cuisine I've ever had, try to order the following dishes inside those posts i mentioned, i got the same dish every visit and they never failed to enlighten me!!!!! ~随意访

  3. 我是jing 当初我也对galette isparan好眼馋,只是它只有大份量的,我们几个人都吃不完,挥泪放弃了。不过鹅肝马卡龙我倒是买了好几次,一等一的好吃

  4. HELLO jing ! 终于可以留言了,真好对吧? =)我也喜欢鹅肝马卡龙,不过我最喜欢的还是Choau, Passion-Chocolat au Lait, Cassis, Rose,并且意外地挺喜欢 Crême brûlée yo!galette ispahan 对我来说好酸,不太喜欢酸的甜品,可是我的shuyu却说好吃。我和朋友一直以来口味都和我不太一样。sadaharu aoki的galette 去年买了,当时也有少许失望。aiks

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