too busy to FOOD!


这是我和 Shuyu 在 KGB (本来是要请 Yaodi 吃的 ) 网上买的 BON,以为是团购餐厅肯定就不好吃,结果非常的好吃,不经意的侵占我的心!

will be really busy for the month of nov and dec. reports and exams just occupy all my schedule, apart from that i need to prepare my JLPT N3, so i don’t think i’ll be eating outside and blogging as often until christmas vacation. T__T

Thanks to all anonymous visitor although we have no acquaintance, but i can see how often you show up here, by links or google my page, some of you just even translate my page from chinese into whateverlanguage, grace à blogger stat’s function you are tracked. thanks and cheers again for following :p

Magret De Canard Au Sauce Miel Et Pomme De Terre

i ll leave you with a pic i took last saturday at aux quartz vents, with the discount coupon bought on KGB DEAL, what we didnt expect is the good quality of the dish served, very savory !! ^^

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